Saturday, October 26, 2013

የህዋሃት ጀነራል መኮንኖች በሃብት ብዛት እየተመፃደቁ ነው!!!

                                             ጄ/ል ሞላ ሃ/ማሪያም
የጀነራል መኮንኖች የምደባ ለውጥ ተካሄደ !
ሜጀር ጀነራል አደም መሀመድ የአየር ሀይል አዛዥ ሆነው መሾማቸውንና የአዛዥ ጄነራሎች ላይም የምደባ ለውጥ መደረጉን ፡፡ በአየር ሀይል አዛዥ በነበሩት ሜጀር ጀነራል ሞላ ሀይለማርያም ምትክ የተሾሙት ሜጀር ጀነራል አደም መሀመድ  አቢዬ ግዛት የሠላም አስከባሪ ሀይል ምክትል አዛዥነት ያገለገሉ እንዲሁም የመከላከያ ዘመቻ መምሪያ ኃላፊ ነበሩ፡፡
በሌሎች የመከላከያ የስራ ምድብ ቦታዎች ላይ የአዛዦች የምደባ ለውጥ መደረጉን የተናገሩት ምንጮች፣ አዲስ የሀላፊነት ምደባ ከተሠጣቸው ውስጥ ሌተናል ጀነራል ሠአረ መኮንን፣ ሌተናል ጀነራል አበባው፣ ሜጀር ጀነራል ዮሀንስ ወልደጊዮርጊስ፣ ሜጀር ጀነራል ገብራት አየለ እና ሌሎችም ይገኙበታል፡፡
የህዋሃት ጀነራል መኮንኖች በሃብት ብዛት እየተመፃደቁ ነው!
Ethiopian generals, who for the vast majority are Tigrayan, have a good many material advantages, such as free petrol (gasoline), an official car, free electricity and water, to name but a few. However, in some cases, these advantages can go even further, such as the possibility to import domestic equipment financed by the ministry for defence. They have also benefited from plots of land in the Bole neighbourhood in Addis Ababa and some of these generals were attributed official housing during the time when the late Meles Zenawi was Prime Minister. Some of them, like General Tadesse Gawna and Colonel Tsehaye Manjus, had no qualms about selling the plots of land they had been attributed. Others rent their official dwellings to third parties. One who does precisely this is General Gezae Abera who headed the army logistics department before going to live (asylum) in Sweden. Others are Generals Gebre Egziabher Mebratu, Teklai Ashebir and Fisseha Kidane, who receive monthly rents of between 30 and 40,000 birrs (€1100 to €1500) each.

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