Friday, October 18, 2013

Political prisoners tortured in Ethiopia

Political prisoners tortured in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa : Political prisoners in Ethiopia held under inhumane conditions and tortured regularly, says Human Rights Watch

In a report that Human Rights Watch publishes, based on 35 interviews, says former prisoners Maekelawi prison in the capital Addis Ababa that they were beaten, kicked and beaten with sticks and rifle butts during interrogation.

Others say that they were hung by the wrist in painful positions for hours while they were beaten.

Ethiopian authorities rejected the report as a lie. Government spokesman Shimeles Kemal says it is one-sided, ideologically colored and that the missing evidence.

According to HRW, most sitting in the previously unknown Maekelawi prison political prisoners, who are to receive visits by lawyers or relatives.

HRW accused the Ethiopian authorities to use anti-terror laws to remain silent in death political opponents and journalists.

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